Rahul’s Delay

July 17 2017

So when will Congress crown prince take over the crown finally? Sources in 10 Janpath say that Mamma Sonia has for a long time been goading Pappu to take over the reins of the party as full-fledged President. But he has been hedging it. Sources also allude that to affirm Rahul’s supremacy in the party, Mamma has not been meeting top political leaders of the party for some time now. As it is, she cannot escape meeting top leaders of the other parties in the Opposition Axis. So the question is why is Rahul shying away from becoming party president? Scuttlebutt is that even now it is Rahul who is taking all the major decisions in the party, but he is keeping top party mandarins away from the doings. Apparently, there is a clique around him and Rahul just goes by their suggestions. But whenever he lands in trouble, he puts the blame on Mamma’s close lieutenants. May be this is the reason why Sonia is staying away from the frontline and wants Rahul to take full responsibility.

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