Rahul’s changing strategy

February 16 2014

The Congress is trying its best to save the ship from sinking in the coming General Elections. To deal with all the challenges of these elections, the Congress has adopted a two-pronged approach. One, the party’s media strategy will be framed from a scratch. Two, the party is being extremely careful and particular about choosing candidates. A three-member team has been formed, which includes a senior minister, a senior spokesperson and a junior speaker. This team will train its state unit to face the media and will give it an introduction to Acts such as Right to Information, Right to Education, Food Security, and the Lokpal Bill. Apart from this, it will also include the UPA government’s welfare schemes in the agenda. In the beginning, the team will work in areas such as Lucknow, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Chennai, Patna, Bhopal, and so on. Apart from this, Rahul Gandhi will also exercise adequate caution about choosing candidates. For instance, Rahul Gandhi has strictly told the party’s Election Committee that the party will not give tickets to those politicians who have lost the Lok Sabha elections in the past two terms or have lost the elections by a margin of more than one lakh votes. An independent survey will also be conducted about the candidate’s image. The Congress may be losing the coming elections, but it has not lost hope

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