Rahul just won’t learn

July 12 2014

The Congress may have had a dismal loss in these Lok Sabha elections, but seeing Rahul Gandhi’s behaviour, his political stance and political decisions, you would think he has learnt nothing from his party’s big loss. There were a number of reservations about appointing Mohan Prakash as the incharge of Maharashtra, and even Sonia was not agreeable to Rahul’s idea of the appointment. Similarly, there was a lot of to and fro about changes to be made in the All India Congress Committee (AICC), but Rahul has not reached a final decision as yet. Those who love to chant “Bring Priyanka” and those who silently support it are also keeping quiet. During the meeting organized to explore the reasons for the loss, when some people talked about handing over the reins to Priyanka instead of Rahul, Priyanka, who was present during the meeting, was beside herself with anger and scolded those who wanted this and said that she was steadfastly standing behind her brother and wanted him to lead the party. Seeing Priyanka’s changed stance, those wanting to speak her favour thought it is wiser to keep quiet. Rahul’s behaviour in the Parliament is no different – one, he does not come to the Parliament often, and when he comes, it is after the Parliament is in session and then leaves midway so that he does not have to interact with people too much and there are no questions he will have to answer. What a big sensation it created when Rahul was caught napping in the Parliament, but who will wake up a Congress that is dozing away.

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