Rahul found!

March 08 2015

The annoyance of almost 125 year old Congress party’s young general Rahul Gandhi’s vanishing act is no more a secret now. None of the congressmen had any idea about the whereabouts of Rahul, however a source from 10 Janpath revealed that Rahul, annoyed with his mother left for Myanmar and joined a Buddhist Vipassana center there for his internal peace and rejuvenation. From Myanmar he left for Bangkok and soon took flight for some European nation and now spending vacations with his uncle Walter Vinci. Admirer of NGO culture Rahul likes to party late night. He enjoys scuba diving, cycling and likes to gym regularly to keep himself fit. Therefore, it might not be wrong to mention that Rahul’s busy in his favorite personal hobbies.

  1. kajaruddin katju Says:

    bulbul rahul mia ko kya jane viapsana kya hoti hai. sanatani gautam budha would have just neglected or closed his eyes if owlmia would have approached him. marmarke gharVapsi ekhi upay. I am smelling of a sanghi here.

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