Rahul effect in Amethi

May 26 2015

The memories of the past are colliding against the yet-unwritten reality, and are opening up their secrets, one by one. A prominent minister from the BJP witnessed this when he was going to Ambedkar Nagar by the same road on the day Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi was supposed to reach Amethi. The BJP leader saw hordes of crowds in thousands to see Rahul Gandhi in Haidargarh, Gauriganj, Inhona, and Musafirkhana, which fall on the way to Amethi. On the other hand, the BJP’s local leader had been working hard for the past 15 days to make his leader Smriti Irani’s tour to Amethi a success. Local farmers were told that the agriculture minister will also be coming with Irani and will distribute compensation cheques to farmers whose crops have perished. A meeting was organized for the minister in a village of a veteran BJP person in a Thakur village, where only a handful of people came. A veteran freedom fighter was given the mike to speak at the same meeting, but the minute he got the mike, he started speaking against the Modi government. When he started to call the government names for the rising cost of living, he mike was forcefully taken away from him, and the entire meeting was one of confusion. The minister had to go back to Delhi with little but these bitter memories.

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