Rahul Boneheaded? Naw!

February 12 2017

Congress VP Rahul Gandhi must be very upset with something, or else why should he refuse flatly to attend a crucial meeting of the party, saying he is too busy with the UP elections? Reportedly, party mandarin Ghulam Nabi Azad was dispatched to soothe his ruffled feathers, but on reaching RaGa’s home Azad apparently rubbed in the fact that Akhilesh has said that the SP-Congress alliance will last only till 2019, the year of the next general elections. This seemed to have thrown more petrol into the enflamed RaGa. He spat back: “Of course! At one time Congress was the largest party in the country. But now? In the south we have to look up to some Dravid party. In 2019, we have to play second fiddle to the Smajwadi Party, if, that is, they condescend to grant us 20 seats in UP. In Bihar’s Grand Alliance we shall be given six seats and only four in Jharkhand, so what will we be left with in the elections? A handful of seats. Are we to remain parasites in the coming years?” Azad realised that Pappu had logic on his side and that he was no longer a Pappu, after all!

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