Rahul Baba’s Congress now under shelter of ‘Babas’

December 29 2017

Rahul Gandhi, the brand new president of “Grand Old Party” Congress, wants to give a new dimension to his presidential shift. With his core team, he is not only making new strategies, but also bringing upfront some important challenges before Narendra Modi, on the back of which political scenario takes a rough turn. Rahul is happy that his ‘Soft Hindutva’ card was successful in Gujarat. Now he would like place the same bet in the coming Karnataka, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh assembly elections, too. His ‘sacred thread’ (Janeu) politics will hit a new high and he will go about bowing heads across temples. Ashok Gehlot, who is among the special trustees of Rahul, has been visiting some of the religion gurus and babas for quite some time now, who is on a declared fight against the BJP. Prior to the Gujarat assembly elections, Gehlot had approached Asaram Bapu through one of his special disciples, and asked of him to woo his thousands of followers, spread across Gujarat, in favour of the Congress party. Sources say that as soon as Amit Shah came to know of Gehlot’s approach, he immediately contacted Asaram appealing him not to take any wrong decisions in haste, and ensured that everything would be fine when the right time came. But, as the media calls him “Jhansaram”, Asaram is in loggerheads with the ruling party, and so his inclination is now more visible towards the Congress. Sources reveal that beside Asaram, Gehlot’s messengers are also in touch with Ram Rahim and Rampal. Apart from this, Congress is on a hunt for all those babas who are in some way or the other in loggerhead with the BJP. After Rahul’s presidential incarnation, whether the baba politics be able to connect the party with the Gods of vote-bank, will be a true test of the strengths and influences of those Babas.

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