Radha Mohan’s Operation Baghi

October 12 2015

Bihar elections are boiling over with new political mixes every day. Sparring with words is commonplace, and everything is on the brink, the Lakshman Rekha, of politics. Considering this, BJP’s wise man Amit Shah has divided the party’s strategy into several layers. After all, Modi’s name, face and political credentials are on stake. Amit Shah has also decided that money will not be an issue in these elections. Thus, not only are the party’s candidates being taken care of, those from the NDA coalition are not being ignored either. Central minister Arun Jaitley’s close confidante Piyush Goyal can be seen taking care of the monetary part as well as media management. About a dozen ministers at the Centre are taking care of 10-15 Assembly seats, and are reporting directly to Shah. A crucial responsibility has been given to Central Agriculture Minister Radha Mohan Singh, who is also considered to be close to Modi. His one-point agenda has been to tighten the reins of unhappy party members, no matter what it takes. He is meeting with the party dissidents one by one, and is doing all he can to have them come around. A reliable source associated with the BJP says Radha Mohan had been given the same responsibility during the Haryana elections as well, and he had carried it out really well. In Bihar, it is all the more personal, since Radha Mohan knows several of these dissidents on a personal level; managing them, thus, is all the more difficult.

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