Punjabi youth on Pak’s radar

July 20 2015

A few days ago, the defense ministry conducted a survey regarding its recruitment policy. The results were shocking. Until a few years ago, Punjab had been on the top in army recruitments. Recently, however, it has slipped to number eight, with states such as Bihar and UP doing better than Punjab. When the army officials tried to find a reason for this, they were shocked to know that an entire generation of youth in Punjab is falling prey to addiction and substance abuse. India’s neighbour Pakistan is allegedly assisting this trend. Pakistan’s neighbour Afghanistan harvests opium in a considerable amount. The poppy pods are called dode, whose seeds when split, secrete a sort of milk, which is dried and sent to Pakistan for processing. A salt called al hydrate is needed to extract heroin out of this powder. Incidentally, this powder is manufactured in India, which is exported to Pakistan. According to the NCB report by the United Nations, 100 tonnes of heroin is manufactured in Pakistan annually, of which 30 tonnes makes its way into India illegally. The rest goes to countries such as Korea and Japan via China, some reaches Russia and its adjoining countries. Sources say that the cost of heroin in Pakistan is about Rs 5 lakh a kilo; but once it crosses into the Indian border, its cost increases to Rs 1 crore a kilo. Playing such cunning games, Pakistan is doing all it can to ruin an entire generation in Punjab.

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