Punjabi song for Modi

February 07 2021

Given the intensity of the farmer movement and the prevalence of its impact in Punjab, some brilliant songs are being created to provide new hope for Modi’s popularity for the impending Punjab election. Sources reveal that the total budget of these songs is around 14 crores. Sources also state that the responsibility of composing these songs has been entrusted to the three renowned stars of Punjabi music. This trio is Jani Johan, B Prak, and Arvind Kheda, all three have formed a company called Desi Melodies. The leader of this team is 31-year-old Jani Johan of Bhatinda, who is a lyricist and music composer, B Prak i.e. Prateek Bachchan who is a well-known singer from Chandigarh, who sung hit songs like ‘Teri Mitti Mein …’ in the film Kesari. Another key member of this team is Arvind Kheda who makes music videos of these songs and has also directed the song ‘Filhaal’. This trio is working day and night to project the image of PM Modi, as there is only one year left in the Punjab Assembly elections.

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