Puffed Rice Dampened

February 20 2017

His Excellency the President of India, Dada Pranab Mukherjee is immensely fond of ‘mudhi’, also called ‘murmura’ and is basically puffed rice. And what better than ‘mudhi’ from his native Bengal! The variety from there is unmatched in texture and taste and cannot be found anywhere else. So Prez Dada wanted it to be brought from there, but he had trouble. Apparently, according security regulations, the ‘mudhi’ has to be checked at three points. At every point, therefore, the packets are opened for testing. Now, this means that by the time the ‘mudhi’ reaches Dada’s kitchen, it is damp and loses its texture and freshness and crispness. Dada objected to this several times, but rules being rules, the security fools ruled. So finally, Dada, sources reveal, approached his Personal Staff. But they too said that rules are rules(and fools will rule). So finally, Dada has given up on ‘mudhi’… may be till he retires and settles in his less security-stringent Rajaji Marg residence!

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