Pro with pacifying the Opposition

April 12 2015

The government’s problem solvers have pulled up their socks to resolve the Land Bill controversy. Those who are upset are being pacified and new friendships are taking shape. Modi government seems to have made up its mind to get the Land Bill passed in the Rajya Sabha. Sharad Pawar and his party have been made to see reason, and Pawar is now singing the same tune as the saffron party regarding the Land Bill. Mamata Banerjee has presented a long list of amendments to the bill to BJP managers; of these, it won’t be possible for the BJP to agree to some, and exercises are on to make Didi see the other point of view on this. Positive indications are also being perceived from Mulayam and the SP. Mulayam has assured the saffron strategists that the Janata family will adopt the same strategy about the Land Bill as it had for the Coal and Insurance Bills. The BSP has also agreed to stage a walkout. Only the Congress and the CPM is stubbornly sticking to its stand and is opposing the bill with all their might. The BJP is not keen on passing the bill during the Parliament’s joint session because constitutionally, a joint session of both houses is summoned only if the bill fails to pass in the Parliament. Under those circumstances, the bill is then sent to a select committee, something that the BJP doesn’t want under any circumstances.

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