Priyanka Gandhi in active politics

March 24 2014

The Congress may look benign in front of the Modi-wave all over the country on the backdrop of the General Elections, but the party has played its biggest hand until now. That is the way it has chosen its party candidates, how the party has kept into mind the caste and local equations and each candidate has been measured on the scales of face value and the commitment to the party. The main strategist behind the scenes has been Priyanka Gandhi; while Rahul Gandhi has been busy campaigning for the party, Priyanka was busy giving the final shape to the names of the candidates’ list. For the past one month, Priyanka’s routine means arriving at Rahul Gandhi’s Tughlaq Lane residence at 10 am every day and can be seen there until 2.30-3:00 am in the morning. Rahul’s core team members, for instance, Kanishka Singh, Kushal Vidyarthi and Ram Krishna stay with her the entire time and Priyanka makes it a point to take the feedback from Ahmad Patel before finalising any list. On Ahmad Patel’s advice, the names of several candidates have been changed at the last moment.

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