President’s rule in UP ?

June 15 2014

Looking at the breakdown of law in the state, Sangh along with its several other allied associations are of the view that Modi government should take notice of the state and impose President’s rule in UP without any hesitation. But the problem for the BJP is that its numbers in the Rajya Sabha is much lower than majority – the Rajya Sabha has a total of 245 members and one need the support of 123 members for a majority. According to the present numbers, the Congress has about 70 members in the Rajya Sabha and the UPA together have 104 members. On the other hand, there are merely 42 members from the BJP, BSP has 14, JD (U) 9, and SP has 9, too. To manage this, some BJP strategists want to call upon a joint session of the Parliament. Thus, if Modi government wants to call for President’s rule in the state, it can have it passed through a joint session of the Parliament. But it is being said that Modi himself is against such a move; Modi is of the opinion that the Centre should have as little interference in the state’s functioning as possible. Modi has his own theory about Centre- State relationship and he is said to be in support of giving states as much autonomy as possible.

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