Preparations to merge LJP with BJP

April 21 2021

When politics changes color, the colors of even the biggest political leaders changes. If sources are to be believed, Chirag Paswan may merge his party with the BJP in the coming times. Recently, Rajkumar Singh, the only MLA of Chirag’s Lok Janshakti Party (LJP) in Bihar, has joined Nitish Kumar’s JDU. Even before Rajkumar, more than 200 LJP leaders have taken shelter in Nitish’s camp. Even many MPs from Chirag’s party are said to be in contact with Nitish, one of whom is Chandan Singh, brother of Surajbhan Singh. Even Chirag’s uncle Pashupati Paras maintains a soft corner towards Nitish, as Nitish made him a minister in his government without Paras being an MLA. Given this, Chirag’s party and his family are constantly in danger of breakdown. Before the assembly elections, many rebel leaders of Bihar BJP had joined the LJP, in which names can be taken from Rameshwar Chaurasia to Rajendra Singh. Chirag had also given LJP tickets to these rebels, but all these leaders were defeated, and now it is said that they are looking to return to the parent party -BJP. There is another way in front of Chirag i.e. to take the hand of his friend Tejashwi Yadav and form an alliance with the RJD. But in the past, this move of LJP was completely smashed in Bihar, when Ram Vilas Paswan held Lalu’s hand in the 2004 Lok Sabha elections and Paswan’s LJP could win only four seats. So, Nitish has now put Chirag on his target this time and with him around, LJP does not have a possibility of return to the NDA alliance. So senior BJP strategists have advised Chirag to ‘merge his party LJP with BJP’, so that Nitish cannot stop him from wanting to become a minister at the Center. Chirag still has the age at his side, and he has to play a long political inning, so he is seriously contemplating this proposal of BJP.

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