Prasad’s controversial politics

March 26 2018

The IT and Law Minister of the Modi government, Ravi Shankar Prasad, often is on the target of the Opposition due to his derogatory statements. Whilst gradually being grilled in the flame of the Mehul Choksi episode, the case of the Facebook data breach by British data analysis company Cambridge Analytica was brought into the light. In the same case, Prasad’s yet another derogatory statement made headlines when he said that he would take the strictest of actions against those who violated the rules under the IT Act and also, if need be, summon Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.
On this, the Opposition found a new way to target Prasad. Amateur politician Tejaswi Yadav took to Twitter and attacked Prasad by tweeting: “Stop all these ‘nautankies’ (drama) and first find a solution to the ‘call-drop’ crisis of India.”
And even when the government issued a mere six-questions notice to Cambridge Analytica (whom Prasad referred to as ‘rogue’), there was no big question related to Mark Zuckerberg. Also, the company has been given time till March 31 to answer these questions. Then, when the Opposition pointed fingers on these questions, the justification was given by Prasad’s ministry that since Mark Zuckerberg has already apologised, it is not right to unnecessarily heave the issue further.

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