Prabhu’s train back on track

January 06 2016

Whispers of a Cabinet reshuffle had led to loud speculation that the prime minister is not happy with his Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu’s work. As a result, he might be dropped from the Cabinet altogether; naturally, Prabhu started giving it his all to save his post. First off his list was to ask for time to meet the prime minister, so that he could give a report with details on his work so far. But when, despite all efforts, the prime minister did not give him time, Prabhu reached out to his dear friend Manohar Parikkar. Sources say Parikkar took him to Narendra Modi; keeping Prabhu’s case before Modi, Parikkar said to Modi that if the latter shows Prabhu the door at the last minute, the Shiv Sena will get a big opportunity to get on Prabhu’s case. Convinced of Parikkar’s logical argument, Modi assured Prabhu he will get another chance. In the next Cabinet meeting, the PM openly praised Prabhu and the railways, which was an indication that Prabhu is under PM’s wings for now.

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