PMO comes to rescue

January 06 2016

Claiming to pioneer independent journalism and published from Delhi, a leading English daily newspaper was supposed to come out with a record of Modi government with a list of “10 best” and “10 worst” Central ministers, on December 31. The newspaper group had been working on it for one month. A survey agency had also been engaged for the same. Around Christmas, when an editor of the newspaper met Arun Jaitley, he mentioned it during a conversation and also let it slip who featured in the “best” and “worst” lists. The “10 worst” list was headed by a Central minister who is handling more than one portfolio, and who is known in the Parliament to be ill-natured and eccentric. And because this involved the government’s image, Jaitley sprung to action and got into the damage control mode. First of all, the minister was sent to the newspaper office to say the report should not be published. Mr Minister made a lot of requests, but the newspaper group didn’t change its stance. Sources say the PMO had to ultimately interfere and it was only then that the publication of the report could be stopped, and the minister heaved a sigh of relief.

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