PM could announce Corona vaccine on August 15!

July 01 2020

The shock to Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev by AYUSH ministry, on the discovery of Coronil medicine for Corona Virus, is not for nothing rather has a well thought out policy of the Centre behind it. If reliable sources are to be believed, the trial of the corona vaccine in Government’s Pune laboratory is in its final stages, and scientists have successfully tested it on mice and rabbits, the results of which are encouraging. Now it is being tested on humans, and it is believed that by the end of July, the picture about this vaccine will be clear. If human trials are successful too, then on the coming Independence Day i.e. on August 15, the Prime Minister can dedicate this Made in India Corona vaccine to the citizens. This vaccine is not only important for the people but will also strengthen and grow the stature of India before the international community. Perhaps this was the reason why the Ministry of AYUSH conducted its investigation on Baba’s investigative drug Coronil. Baba, who had once waved saffron in the 2014 elections, had also given Rs 20 crore to the PM Care Fund, despite this, his graph has continuously fallen in Modi government 2.0. Because ever since his business interest has started dominating Baba’s yogic interests, he has consistently made good connections to non-BJP leaders, and he also praised West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee. Meanwhile, Baba has been told that Centre does not want that the mode of announcement chosen by him for Coronil makes the Indian government look bad in the international community, hence the AYUSH Ministry has taken the step. 

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