PK’s Jagan Trauma Down Under

May 21 2018

The ‘poll magician’ and strategist royale, Prashant Kumar, better known in his abridged version as just PK, may seem to be running into fortunes working for youth leader of Andhra Pradesh, Jagan Mohan, but the loose ends in his tunic are showing. PK had started off his latest business with many circuses, rashly opening grand offices in Vijayawada and Tirupati and hiring an army of workers. Bees and birds from the state say that he rushed into a major survey of all the state Assembly seats and met Jagan with a list of who should be given tickets to ensure the party’s sweep in the state polls. To top it, he landed Jagan’s office a huge financial demand. This has irked the Andhra youth tiger to no end, and scuttlebutt is, he told PK to stick to a ground level survey and work out a strategy, and leave decisions of who will get the tickets to the party. Rumours are that PK had proposed a three-digit commission for his consultancy, but Jagan has decimated it to a single digit. PK is mightily upset, but worse, people say that his battery of workers has been unpaid for all of three months now. PK now realises that unlike his previous hirers, Modi, Akhilesh, Rahul or Nitish, Jagan is unfashionably parsimonious.

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