PK: Rasputin of Politics

February 12 2017

He wins over and floors all. PK. Prashant Kishor. The name that made names for NaMo, then Nitish Kumar, then RaGa… the list goes on. If there ever was a political joy ride, the one riding it now is PK. Everyone knows the role PK played in Nitish’s sweeping Bihar victory. He ran away with all the laurels, and since then his political ‘lovers’ have been queuing up at his doorstep. Priyanka Gandhi introduced him to Rahul, who fell in love. RaGa introduced him to Captain, who heads Punjab Congress, who fell in love. And now that Rahul has introduced him to alliance mate Akhilesh Yadav, that husband of Dimple Yadav is also in love with PK, for his political marketing, that is. So much so that PK is now chopping up air hours flying with Akhilesh in his chopper from place to place for the latter’s election rallies, whispering political wisdom into the CM’s ears in flight. It is learnt that just after PK and Akhilesh had flown out of the Lucknow airport for a rally recently, Congress heavyweights Ghulam Nabi Azad and Salman Khurshid landed there. At hand was the owner of a top local daily newspaper, who teased the duo: “Aha! So now you too are taking lessons in politics from this foreign-return youngster…” At which Khurshid said testily: “Let’s see first who he really is with!”

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