PHD Roar for Rahul

November 13 2017

It was a matter of just a fortnight back. The Delhi-based PHD Chamber of Commerce was holding its annual conference and had desired to invite top guns from the government. That did not work out, it seems, and of all the ministers, they managed to convince Nitin Gadkari to grace the occasion. But till the last moment, the organisers had kept their fingers crossed: Gadkari has quite a reputation of appearing in posters ahead of events and but never turn up. Anyway, since Gadkari had been invited for the inauguration, Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi was invited for the valediction. RaGa straddled the stage and blasted the NDA for running a one-man government. Sitting in the privileged front row, the chairman of the tourism committee of the Chamber, Mukesh Gupta quipped: “But that was the same during the UPA rule,” hinting at Sonia calling all the shots. But Rahul smiled and said: “No, it was the PMO that took collective decisions.” At this, there was an approving roar from the audience and there was applause, which swelled Rahul’s proud chest.

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