Pathankot’s pointers

January 25 2016

Now it’s time for painting the Pathankot matter in different hues. Despite a lot of hard work, the NIA has still not got any substantial information from SP Salvinder Singh, and despite the meandering, the matter now rests upon drug peddlers. Where getting all the arms and ammunition across the border is concerned, investigative agencies themselves are shocked how it reached inside despite the four tall walls on all sides and strict security measures. How did the terrorists manage to get inside with all the arms, ammunition and explosives despite close circuit cameras installed everywhere? Now it has been revealed that the cameras were not working. Investigation is also on to find out if the cameras were shut down according to some plan, or was it a serious security lapse. News is also coming out on the army, air force, and the NSA having grave differences of opinion about this. News from within the army says that the command changed three times during the entire operation. Sources say Ajit Doval showed serious reservations to this. NSA has made it clear that during its meeting with the air force and army chief, it had been decided that the operations will be led by the most senior and able army office Dushyant Singh. And this is what happened. NSA has made it clear that the same person handled the entire operation. But the responsibility for security of the area was that of the air force; so now investigation is on to find out if there was a mistake in the security, or if it was some inside Vibhishans who helped the terrorists.

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