Parvesh in Shah’s Class

October 05 2017

Parvesh Sahib Singh Varma too is upset at being scolded by the party high command over Bawana by-election debacle. He was made in charge of the seat mainly because Bawana was a Jat-dominated seat. Aam Aadmi Party’s MLA Ved Prakash who had resigned from the party and the seat to join the BJP had been fielded. Both parties had put their prestige at stake here. But, Pravesh did not venture out of the house on the pretext of suffering from dengue though the real reason was Jats’ antipathy to BJP. After BJP lost the polls, both Pravesh and local MP Udit Raj were summoned by Amit Shah. Both were made to wait for hours while despite losing elections, Ved Prakash was called in immediately though he had turned up much later than the two. He was apparently assured that he would soon be adjusted in the party. After that, the two leaders were called in and gave a dressing down by Shah.

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