Parrikar renovating Defense ministry

August 28 2016

India’s Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar is looking at emerging in his new avatar. He wants to do something that puts his name in history. Thus, he has suggested to those close to him that promotions in his ministry should take place based on merit and not seniority. He somehow believes that because of this policy, sometimes even the undeserving get promotions. The present Army Chief Dalbir Suhag is approaching his retirement date, and there is wide speculation about who his descendant will be. Looking at seniority, Rajan Bakshi’s name is more or less final for the next army chief. That is because if Parrikar come up with a new policy about this now, it will take time to draft it and get it approved. Thus this time, Rajan Bakshi’s name seems to be the final one. According to sources, that is the reason why Bakshi has already shortlisted the names of his favourite officials, as to who will be the chief of eastern or western demand, how his personal office will look like, and this time the defense minister can’t intervene even if he wanted to.

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