Parliament’s winter session promises to be hot

October 30 2015

There are chances that the winter session of the Parliament, which is due to start next month, might be a loud one. Sources say that led by the Congress, the Opposition parties’ strategy is a clear one — just like the monsoon session, they will not allow the winter session to function. If the NDA wins in Bihar, it might become more aggressive and, along with the BJP, give a fitting reply to the Opposition. At the same time, on the Opposition’s agenda is Lalitgate; thus, on target will be Sushma and Vasundhara, along with Dadri and the beef controversy, the freedom of expression, NJAC Act, and the Sangh’s take on reservation. The Congress might also play up with angle of Lalit Modi saying that the Modi government has strategized on how Lalit Modi will spend the next eight to 10 years comfortable abroad. To frame Swaraj, the Congress has already made public P Chidambaram’s letter to his British counterpart, along with the latter’s reply. All in all, the Opposition’s attack on Sushma will be even harsher this time. The government’s strategists have also crafted a fitting reply and are armed to give an adequate counter-attack.

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