Parliament will function, & the GST passed?

March 01 2016

Despite the ruckus, there are full chances that the Budget session will carry on. The Congress too has agreed that disrupting the Parliament every now and then sends a negative signal to the public. When Parliamentary Affairs Minister Venkaiah Naidu could not handle the Opposition, our famous PM, who does not show too much interest in Parliamentary affairs, sprung to action. When he sent an invitation to meet Congress party President Sonia Gandhi, it was accepted. The meeting took care of complains and grievances; Sonia’s main grouse was that the BJP and Sangh were attacking her personally, and in the same vein, the National Herald matter was being used according to their own convenience. The PM talked about mutual respect and maintaining relationships, and it worked. Sonia requested the PM he should become more active in relation to Parliamentary affairs, because his ministers have failed in connecting with Opposition parties and have not been able to establish a dialogue with them. Sources that the Congress has given a green signal about GST as well; it wants three amendments to the bill, of which the BJP is agreeable to two. Thus, when the next phase of the Budget session starts, the chance that the GST will be passed are high.

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