Pappu didn’t pass

December 21 2015

Pappu Yadav is the perfect example of how a mere election result can change the political climate. He is a Parliamentarian from Madhepura from Lalu Yadav’s RJD. But this time, at the behest of the BJP, he tried to play dirty with Lalu Yadav in this time’s Bihar elections. The election results, however, showed Lalu-Nitish win with a big margin. Now it was Pappu Yadav who was in a spot. Sources reveal he asked for time from Lalu many a time, but he just didn’t agree to it. A few days ago, Pappu met the PM, and the latter requested him for some time so that he could speak to him. Sources say the PM Modi promptly told Pappu, “You gave a lot of support. It won’t be possible to meet, however.” Pappu didn’t know what to say or do – after all, it was the same prime minister who would keep calling him and meeting him right before the Bihar elections.

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