Pandit closest to the PM turns 70

July 18 2016

Kashi’s highly knowledgeable pandit Pandit Krishnamurty Dhanpathi, who is said to be closest to the prime minister, will be 70 this July 22. To pray for his long life, a big yagya is organized for him on the 22nd. This will actually be a Ayush jap; Pandit Dhanpathi is actually from south India, but has been staying in Varanasi for the past four generations. Sources say to attend the Ayush jap, someone has been designated by Modi, who will travel from Delhi to Varanasi. It is worth mentioning here that when Modi took Rajnath Singh to Varanasi for the first time during the Guru Pushya Yog with the intention it his constituency, he had met Acharya Dhanpathi for the first time. It was then that Modi was given a blessing by Acharya that the Guru Pushya Yog during which he had arrived was so auspicious that his Vijay Rath would keep riding on, and that he will establish new milestones of success. It is also important to note that the delegation of 150 pandit and acharya who will be going to Japan on October 17, will be doing so under the leadership of Acharya Dhanpathi. This delegation will pray for peace and prosperity and perform the panch mahayagya there, which is a prayer to Ganpati, Shiva, Durga, Vishnu, and Surya, and all the four Vedas are acknowledged. Most of those in the delegation are from Varanasi. Sources say this panch mahayagya in Japan is a well thought-out foreign policy move by Modi towards Japan.

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