Political scripts and Elections

October 22 2015

When it comes to political posing and electoral heaving, the demand for performers who understand the finer points of this art increases. Different political parties are trying to outdo each other with the help of street plays for the upcoming Assembly elections in Bihar. Obviously, at such a time, street play groups and artists are in for good times. The going rate for 10 days nowadays is Rs 15,000 per artist, and this includes those poor musicians who go from village to village and find it hard to make ends meet. When it comes to elections, the script is already written, but there is high demand for writers who can come up with witty and striking dialogues. The politicians know that the moment a dialogue becomes hit the media people will lap it up. A prominent theatre company has made 70 groups of five artists each, and none of the groups has time for a breather. Every group is performing five to six shows a day. Team Shah, which is a pro at election planning, has already booked famous theatre organization IPTA for the NDA. It is another matter that with their revolutionary ideas that nurture flamethrowers, the philosophy of IPTA is more along the lines of Left parties. But when it comes to elections, everyone wants to make the most of it.

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