Nripendra at the Centre

June 07 2014

The question is still echoing in the political corridors about how Nripendra Mishra got appointed as the Prime Minister’s Principal Secretary. Especially after the ruling that if a person becomes the chairman of TRAI once, he or she will have no connection with the government nor accept any government posting after retirement. Everyone has their own claims on how Mishra got the position; BJP’s sharp leader from Godda, Nishikant Dubey, is taking the credit for the posting. The Rajnath camp, on the other hand, is calling it their victory. National Security Advisor Ajit Doval feels this has been made possible because of his own efforts, and several people are giving the credit to India TV’s Hemant Sharma for this, since it was Sharma who first introduced Mishra to Modi. There is another big claim that Nripendra Mishra’s name had been nominated by Vivekanand Foundation, which means several Sangh leaders put their stamp on his name. It is true – success has many fathers.

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