Noose Tightening Around Vadra’s Neck

September 18 2017

Inebriated by power, Robert Vadra had caustically remarked that India is a ‘Banana Republic’. Hardly had he known that he too would be at receiving end of Indian’s democracy’s powerful punch. Vadra and his legal team was in for a shock when an English daily from South India, recently published details of land purchased in Bikaner in the name of Vadra’s drivers and servants, for Rs 6 crores. The amount is so big that none of the servants could have owned it. That is why, it easily became a case of money laundering. Before this, Vadra was confident that there was no criminal case against him. But, the newspaper has also published the documents showing transactions made to buy these properties. Obviously, newspaper got these documents from investigating agencies. Now, Vadra may be questioned by the agencies in November. Government in not in a hurry to put him behind the bars since Gujarat elections are due in next few months. Modi and Shah don’t want to let Congress earn any sympathy by sending Vadra to jail before the polls. Government is set to take some big steps after the elections. FIR is also likely to be registered against Vadra’s acolyte Sanjay Bhandari in defence deals. Vadra too may be put in the docks over land deals in Haryana. Future doesn’t appear bright for the Son-in-Law.

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