No ‘Vijay’ for Digvijay

July 10 2017

And now about Madhya Pradesh. There were four colourful contenders there in the Congress’ secret survey. Veterans Kamal Nath, Digvijay Singh, Kanti Lal Bhuriya and the MP Young Turk Jyotiraditya Scindia. The results were a political temblor: while Nath and Scindia came neck to neck at the top of the heap, Bhuriya muzzled down the loudmouth controversy guru Digvijay Singh. And there seemed to be some parity in the opinions of the party workers and common voters. Shockingly, 14 per cent of party workers and 30 per cent of general voters favoured the name of some other leader than the four officially enlisted. It seems from the poll that in recent times, Digvijay Singh has sullied his public image. On the same scale, the image of Kamal Nath is largely that of an industrialist and, of course, Scindia carries the baggage of being a ‘Maharaja’, the scion of the Gwalior princedom. Give and take a few votes here and there, Bhuriya has emerged as a tribal leader in a state where 30 per cent of voters are tribal. But his Achilles Heel is that he is hardly known for his public contacts and is hardly a noticeable face in election campaigns. So it seems that Rahul has advised him to become more active in his public standings.

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