No pleasing RSS over Ramlal

March 12 2018

Dattatreya Hosbole is busy these days in improving the harmony between the Sangh and the BJP, but the only setback in his attempts is that the person with whom he is in most terms is Narendra Modi himself. Hosbole has always argued in the favor of Modi and always advocates to give him freehand.
Now, the fate of the bridge-man between Sangh and BJP, Ramlal, is going to be decided soon. To fill Ramlal’s vacancy, Hosbole proposes Sunil Ambekar, a young face who is the national organisation secretary of Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad on behalf of the Sangh.
But the Sangh considers this BJP youth front as yet another imposing organisation, about which the RSS has the impression that the Yuva Morcha is just a decorative organisation, and at the grassroots it has no special effect. ABVP does the most work among students and youth.
As a solution to this, a suggestion came from BJP’s side that why not then merge the Yuva Morcha and ABVP? The RSS does not endorse this opinion, too. The Sangh thinks that both fronts should individually perform their respective duties.

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