No play, only work for babus

February 20 2018

The Prime Minister’s drill to crack down on government ‘babus’ is proving to be ineffective in many ways. In 2014, when Modi took oath as the Prime Minister, since then, he has been continuously engaged in his efforts to motivate babus and officers to timely arrive at their offices. The IAS officers who spent most of their time leisurely in golf clubs and social gatherings were also constantly under screen. This brought change in their behaviors but only to some extent. To discipline government offices, biometrics have been installed. But this too failed to change their lazy attitudes.
Nor sources reveal that the PMO is engaged in connecting biometrics with GPS to keep a real-time update of the Babus’ activities by monitoring their locations. It has been found that most officers disappear from offices in the name of field-work and similar excuses. So now they’ll have to punch these GPS cards to their mobile or tablet so that their real-time locations are known. No escaping from work now!

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