No ‘Happy’ New Year for MPs

November 28 2017

For a second time in 10 years, the winter session of the Parliament is set to wrap up in a brief duration. Once considered the largest temple of democracy, the Parliament today is seemingly in the process of becoming a formality to Indian politics. Since 2014, when the Modi government has taken possession of the Nizam of Delhi, almost 10 states have witnessed Assembly Elections. But the much debated recent delay of the Parliament session can be crowned only to the upcoming, and much awaited, Gujarat Assembly polls. Currently the BJP is playing on a weak wicket in Gujarat while its oppositions are at the front-foot. Perhaps due to this the winter session has shrunk, but its declared duration has now crossed the 2017 boundary, entering the New Year 2018. Generally, the winter session of Parliament used to be held in the last week of December, but this tradition has been altered this time. Playing spoilsport, this winter session seems to be knocking the ‘Happy’ out of the ‘New Year’ celebrations of many MPs. According to sources, many MPs were all packed-up to celebrate the New Year abroad with their families, while many were planning to holiday in some or the other part within the country itself. Due to the fear of ‘Principal’ Modi, many MPs of the ruling party are now cancelling their tickets, whilst quietly cursing the coinciding calendar, and instead gearing up to formulate the new tomorrow of democracy in the ‘school’ of Parliament.

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