No dearth of Sandeep Kumars in AAP

September 04 2016

Several faces have come forward to defend Sandeep Kumar, who has lost his seat due to the CD matter. Some of these are from AAP, some players from social media, and several noted journalists. Some of these argue that the CD is four-five years old, because the Kumar who can be seen with the woman is a tad slim. Ashutosh has become so aggressive in defending Sandeep that he has even raised questions on Gandhi-Nehru family. Those who are familiar with Ashutosh’s brand of journalism and his politics, this is not new. But some excited party workers have started investigating into the other Sandeep Kumars of the party. A young leader from AAP of UP, who is taking care of election duties in several states, is also in the ring of questions. Reliable sources close to AAP says the party is worried about the politician’s phone bills. At a time when the phone rates are so low, his bills clock anywhere between Rs 40,000-50,000. It is said when his bill details were looked into, it was shocking. This hot-blooded politician’s phone was replete with calls to paid numbers for entire nights. So hold your heart – the days to come might see a new CD emerging.

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