No chair bigger than Mother India

March 15 2015

The saffron brigade has now clearly started understanding the offstage political silence. All does not seem well with the party that once was a champion of internal party democracy. There have been voices of disagreement against some major decisions by Modi-Shah duo and this is being openly revealed on social media sites. The latest one is a poem by one of the Swayamsevaks that is going viral on the social media these days – It talks about the unmatched friendship between BJP and PDP and also about the release of separatist leader Masarrat Alam. Here are few lines from the poem that clearly targets Modi: ‘Desh Prem ka dambh bharte the jo bhi nayak dilli se, satta ki lolupta mein vey ban gaye bheegi billi se, BJP bin rashtrawad ke khadi nahi ho sakti hai, koi kursi bharat ma se badi nahin ho sakti hai.’ It should be recalled that for writing a poem with a similar sentiment and posting it on social media, BJP’s Agra unit’s media in charge Rajkumar Pathik was expelled and shown doors.

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