Nitish’s politics costs Lalu dearly

June 20 2016

Speculation about how Nitish is being played at the hands of Lalu might end soon. The truth is Lalu is playing his own game now. Let’s take the matter of law officers in Bihar. When Nitish was running the government with BJP as a coalition partner, half of the law officers were from the BJP quota. When the government of Lalu-Nitish and Congress was formed with amid much celebration, it was decided that the law officers should be assigned in the same ratio as parties have won seats. After agreeing to it on principle, RJD and Congress also sent its lists to the chief minister. But even after so many months of government formation in the state, Nitish is still dilly-dallying about the lists from his coalition members. As a result, of the most than 70 law officers in Bihar, all of them are Nitish sympathizers in one way or the other.

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