Nitish’s love for Chautala

October 05 2014

Nitish Kumar, who has gone around town talking about ethics and clean politics, has shaken hands with INLD’s Om Prakash Chautala. Now he will campaign in favour of INLD’s candidates. Nitish has probably ignored BJP’s allegation that Chautala’s party is full of gundas. Now the main aim of Nitish and Chautala is to find ways to keep BJP out of the race for power in Haryana. Sources also claim that on the other hand, behind closed doors, Chautala is also in touch with the BJP because there are chances of a hung Assembly in the state this time. If that happens, Chautala wants to keep options open for himself and can form a government with the BJP to keep the Congress out. So for now, Nitish’s attempts to explore power may go to waste; in the past, Nitish’s JD (U) and Chautala’s INLD had been a part of the NDA.

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