Nitish’s fund for PK’s mega UP plan

September 26 2016

The apple of Rahul Gandhi’s eye and the newly-appointed strategist of the party Prashant Kishore (PK) approached Rahul Gandhi with a mega-plan. The budget for this is said to be about Rs 72 crore; Rahul told him the budged was too high and that he should bring it down. Sources say the reviewed budget was of about Rs 32 crore. Rahul told Kishore, his dear one, that the Congress was struggling with a paucity of funds at present – no industrial houses are coming forward to help, and thus the budget for the plan should be cut down to Rs 8-10 crore. It is said PK played the biggest move of his career, and told Rahul he didn’t want money from the Congress and that he would arrange for the money himself. PK met Nitish and told him that if he wanted to emerge as the prime ministerial candidate in the 2019 elections, the Congress will play a big part in it and that he will speak directly to Rahul about lending him support. The clever Nitish Kumar started to understand what was in PK’s mind. It is said things worked out and PK also got money. The only thing – poor Nitish will have to wait for his chance until 2019.

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