Nitish could be ‘saffron-stunned’

May 20 2020

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s alleged ignoring of migrant labourers could prove dear to him. An online survey supported by BJP has revealed that since lockdown was announced, there has been a tremendous fall in Nitish’s popularity. The survey also says that if Nitish contests in the upcoming assembly elections on his own and not with BJP, he would win on a meagre twenty seats. If Nitish and BJP come together to contest under one banner, then JDU’s candidates have a winning chance of fifty percent while BJP candidates could have a winning edge of seventy percent. However, now there could be a tussle between BJP and JDU over distribution of seats where Nitish wants 15-20 seats from the saffron party while the BJP can pitch in equal bifurcation of seats. If Nitish continues with his ‘big brother’ attitude, then BJP could give him 2-5 seats extra with the condition that next CM will be decided by elected legislators.

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