New Year of Ministers

December 26 2016

The saffron leaders who like to celebrate their New Year in foreign destination got a message from PMO that all the Ministers of Union Government will celebrate New Year with simplicity. It is said that the PM’s order made several leaders to cancel their tickets. The leader like Nitin Gadkari also changed their mood and plan. Gadkari will celebrate his new year in Nagpur, in the same wake, Attorney General Mukul Rohtagi will celebrate this new year in Goa. According to sources, he has organised a new year celebration party on 30- 31 December in North Goa’s Panjim’s Grand Hyatt Hotel. Many high profile guests are going to attend the grand celebration. Ironically, the Hotel belongs to Shahid Balwa alleged for Coalgate and 2G scam. Indeed everyone knows that he has been presenting the case in court.

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