New Sultan of Delhi

November 02 2014

A few days ago, an old friend of Narendra Modi went to meet him at 7, Race Course Road, and his first question to the prime minister was, “What is the kind of work pressure you are facing here compared to Gujarat?” Modi smiled and replied, “There is no pressure here — I am working without any stress.” When asked the reason, Modi revealed that when he was the chief minister, he was surrounded by pressures from all directions, the government at the Centre was giving it a step-motherly treatment. Moreover, he had to work while maintaining a balance with the party’s leadership, especially with the Advani camp. At the same time, the media was always furious towards him at the behest of the Congress. Then in his own style, Modi said, “Everything is all right since I have come here (Delhi); there is perfect coordination between the party and the government and I am getting full support from the media.” When his friend asked him if his routine had changed after coming to Delhi, Modi replied that he had a very strong personality and time affect neither his decisions nor his routine. An associate who knows Modi closely says that he continues to go for his morning walk at 5 am, and replies to some important and personal mails after completing his morning chores. Then he takes account of his daily schedule and makes some important notes about them because he likes to speak extempore and these notes come in handy. Then he does yoga for about half an hour, and then sits in the lawn by 7.30 am after getting ready. Alone, he goes through English and Hindi dailies, has a light breakfast and then goes off for his daily appointments. Another close associate reveals that he likes to eat alone and does not like anybody’s presence on the dining table. He doesn’t have any issues about food either and likes Gujarati-style simple food. Once in a while he gives up grains and has only fruits, vegetables and milk. He also likes to watch TV alone. When he sits in the car to go somewhere, OP, that is Om Prakash places some important newspaper clippings for him there. His appointments are looked after by Sanjay Basavar. Whenever the prime minister leaves his home, either Tanmay, Dinesh or OP is with him. So after coming from Gujarat to Delhi, Narendra Modi’s horizons may have expanded but neither have his habits changed, nor the people around him.

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