New avatar

June 19 2023

Even though the opposition parties have made the non-inauguration of the new Parliament House by the President a nationwide issue, President Draupadi Murmu seems to be unaware of these things. Recently, when the King of Cambodia HM Norodom Sihamoni arrived on his 3-day visit to India, our President appeared in a new avatar. When there is a scene of salute at Fort Court, usually the PM is leading in this convoy and the President behind. This scene has been common since the era of predecessor Kovind. But this time the scene was different. This time the President was walking in front. As soon as the VIP car of the King of Cambodia stopped to welcome him, the President was standing at the front. She was chatting very well with the king. When the time for the photo shoot was fixed, the PM was seen standing to the right of the guest. According to the protocol, the PM should have been on the left, the President gestured to the PM to stand on the left, but the PM raised his hand and said, ‘I am right here’.

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