Netaji angry with son

February 06 2013

Mulayam Singh Yadav is said to be pretty upset with his son nowadays. Sources reveal that he had given a time period of two months for Akhilesh Yadav to bring about some changes in his work. Netaji has clearly told his son that he should either change or make way for change. Which means that in a way, Mulayam has made up his mind to lead the government in the state. For some time now, party leaders and workers are tired of Akhilesh’s working style and are complaining to Mulayam about it. The state’s investigative agencies have also revealed that the BSP’s popularity graph is increasing in the state, but at the cost of the SP. The way the Muslims have become disillusioned by the SP in the past few months and if the status quo is maintained, the SP may find it hard to repeat its performance of winning 22 seats in the Lok Sabha elections. And this is eating Netaji.

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