Netaji’s love for his son

June 10 2013

SP Supremo Mulayam Singh is said to be under extreme family pressures at present. That is the reason he is giving vague quotes to the media nowadays. A few days ago in Lucknow, he told the press that he hasn’t even met Akhilesh for 15 days. Sources reveal that there is pressure on Mulayam from his second wife, who is Prateek Yadav’s mother, that he should make her son Prateek contest the next Lok Sabha elections. Prateek is not very interested in politics and has a real estate business. Whatever remaining time he has, he spends in body building. Now Netaji’s worry is that he has already announced all the SP candidates from UP for the elections. To give Prateek a seat in a Yadav-majority constituency would mean cutting off some SP heavyweight but he will have to do it for the love of his son.

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