Najeeb Jung on his way out

December 26 2016

Why did Najeeb Jung leave the tug of war with AAP? Sources say that since last two months Jung met BJP president Amit Shah and once with Prime Minister. As per the sources, he was asked to do something against Kejriwal and he was not convinced to do it. Moreover, he was also apprehensive that his name was often aligned to RSS and BJP and Muslim society were not able to get over it. It is said that in his meeting with PM, Jung talked about his resignation however PM asked Jung to ponder over his decisions. Indeed, he did not move from his decision. This is why he was shown the way out. In the race of Lieutenant Governor Kiran Bedi, Ajay Raj Sharma, Anil Baijal, K.J Alfonso are in the list. Among them, Alfonso is Prime Minister’s choice.

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