Multitalented Biplab

March 26 2018

A journey similar to that of Anil Baluni, from zero to hero, is of Tripura’s newly crowned CM Biplab Deb, who had come all the way from Tripura to Delhi for his education. Here in Delhi, he came across BJP MP from Satna – Ganesh Singh. The soft-spoken and multitalented Biplab impressed Singh, so much so that this BJP leader appointed Biplab as his assistant.
As mentioned earlier, Biplab’s talents were multi-dimensional of which one was his driving skills. So he not only efficiently steered Singh’s car but also his political career. He formed a core group in Delhi to which prominent journalists, academicians, etc. were associated. These veterans were shouldered with the responsibility of deciding on the questions to be tabled by Singh, who is consecutively three-term MP from Madhya Pradesh’s Satna currently, in the Parliament.
After this Biplab came across RSS ideologist and Modi’s near and dear Sunil Deodhar, who later took him under his wing for BJP’s ‘Mission Tripura’ and from here onward, Biplab’s stars touched a new high.

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