Movements such as AAP all over the world

December 28 2013

Aam Admi Party’s Arvind Kejriwal set a precedent of sorts in Indian politics by taking the oath as Delhi’s chief minister from Ramlila Maidan. Anna and AAP’s way of politics may be new in the Indian scenario, but these winds of change have been flowing for a long time in the world. In 2009, blogger, comedian and revolutionary Beppe Grillo in Italy started a big movement there by talking about direct and participatory democracy. Today, AAP in India is talking about the same participation of direct democracy. In a developed country such as Israel, TV anchor Yair Lapid spoke out against the state of things in 2012 and formed a new political party, which mostly has people from the civil society. Even in the US, such party formation and its work is nothing new – Tea Party Movement is already on there. AAP’s efforts in this direction seem to be towards realising people’s ambitions for them.

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